I’m very happy to announce the release of two novels that I’ve had the pleasure of editing in the recent past. Though these works are as different as you can get, one an in-depth analysis of disparate characters surrounding a life-changing event, the other a rollicking Irish modern romance, both share similar strengths: strong characterisation and tight-as-you-can-get dialogue.

Frank Parker’s ‘Transgression’ will keep you riveted from start to finish with its wonderful depth of storytelling and characterisation. Beautiful writing that was an absolute pleasure to edit.


‘Roger felt too old for this talk of conspiracies and subterfuge. It had all seemed so simple forty years ago: help a friend and a young woman hide the consequences of a single foolish action that both regretted. How had it turned into a witch hunt?
Forty years ago four people conspired to conceal a teenage pregnancy. Now one of them is dead and a book about her threatens to expose a Member of Parliament’s guilty secret. For how long will Roger be able to prevent Sally getting at the truth of her parentage? Can he prevent the break-up of his own long term gay relationship?
We’ve come a long way from the prudery still prevalent in post WWII Britain to the acceptance of gay marriage. Did the new found sexual freedoms of the 1970s send the wrong signals to men who regard young women as ‘fair game’ for predatory behaviour and make recently exposed scandals involving celebrities inevitable?’


Amy Tierney’s ’30 Days Hath September’ is currently keeping many Wicklow women up all hours of the night, unable to leave down what is proving to be a very popular romance from a local first-time author. At the rate it’s going, it won’t be long before it smashes all local records before breaking out into the wider world at large.

Amy Tierney

‘When is it a good time to start a new relationship? When you are ready of course, or perhaps when your mad friends push you straight into it.
Cathy can’t deny the instant chemistry between her and Sam, but with two children and an ex-husband, she is hardly his usual type.
Sparks fly as the relationship intensifies, but they have both been hurt before. Is it possible for them to ignore their meddling pasts, and come up with their own happy ever after?
Romantic, funny and awash with the power of friendship, 30 days hath September captures the exhilarating passion between these sweet lovers.’


If you are lucky enough to read one or both of these new releases, please consider leaving an honest review on Amazon. Enjoy!